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Cloud-Native Media Technology for Localisation and Accessibility

Revolutionise your workflows, elevate your security standards and deliver high-grade subtitles, captions and audio descriptions to a diverse and global audience

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Welcome to the future of media localisation and accessibility

At Zille Media, we've reimagined the way localisation and accessibility technology works. It's simple, but powerful.

We support content owners, service agencies and the talented professionals working to create subtitles and audio descriptions. On the Zille Platform, they can easily collaborate.

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Setting new standards for content security in localisation and accessibility processes
Zille Media are members of the Trusted Partner Network, a cybersecurity organisation owned by the Motion Picture Association.

The Zille Platform has been awarded the TPN Gold Shield status.

Case Study: One Tribe TV uses Zille to cost-effectively transcribe and translate 56 hours of rushes at speed


One Tribe TV were working to produce a four-part documentary filmed in Asia, and this required interviews to be filmed in four different languages, including Mandarin and Uyghur.

They needed a way for their English-speaking editors to understand what was being said in the 56 hours of interviews. Getting a human transcription to work from with a translation service was significantly outside the budget of this documentary.


Using the Zille platform, One Tribe TV were able to upload all 56 hours of footage and generate AI subtitles for the editors. Using various different Speech-to-Text and translation engines, the audio had been made accessible to the English-speaking editors.

This was a cost-effective and immediate solution which allowed One Tribe TV to continue the work of producing their documentary series.
“Wow, looks so futuristic.”
- Sam Whitton,
Edit Producer, One Tribe TV
Case Study image – One Tribe TV logo

Your all-in-one solution

Automated workflows, powerful project management tools, secure file-sharing solutions, full use of the Zille subtitle and AD editors, AI assistance, outsourcing solutions, in-house solutions – all in one place.

Connect with your colleagues and associates, and use it in the way which works for you.

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We support any language on request

Yep, even that one. Yeah, we can find Speech-to-Text for that. For sure, we'll get a cracking translation engine going too. LLM looks after formatting, don't worry about it.

Absolutely, send your colleagues in to make edits. Get that pun taken care of. Storytelling does indeed require our uniquely human creative skillset.

No one on your payroll speaks that language you say? Outsource it. We'll hook you up.

Industry Contribution: Accessibility at the DTG

Zille Media are active members of the DTG – the Digital TV Group at the centre of UK digital TV.

We are particularly involved with the Accessibility Working Group, which works to ensure all viewers and listeners feel included in our modern storytelling traditions and that the technical aspects of this are available to any audience.
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Cloud-Native Media Technology for Localisation and Accessibility
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