Welcome to the Zille Platform: Where Accessibility Meets Simplicity

The Zille platform is your all-in-one destination for a seamless, all-encompassing approach to media accessibility and localisation. No need to juggle different tools or create custom packages – everything you need is readily available within the Zille platform. We've simplified the process, offering a comprehensive suite of features, tools, and services to meet your needs, all in one place.
Key Features and Benefits:
1. Comprehensive Accessibility Solutions: Zille covers all your accessibility needs, whether it's translated subtitles, subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH), closed captions (CC) or audio descriptions (AD).
2. Automated Workflows: Zille streamlines and automates repetitive tasks, saving you valuable time and resources. You can count on Zille to handle the most labor-intensive aspects of your media accessibility projects.
3. Powerful Project Management Tools: Zille offers a comprehensive suite of project management tools to help you stay organised, track progress, and manage your projects efficiently.
4. Secure File Sharing Solutions: With Zille you only need to make your content available once, and we ensure that the right people get access while maintaining the highest standards of data protection.
5. Subtitle and AD Editors: Take advantage of Zille's built-in subtitle and audio description editors. You can pop in to fine-tune your content yourself, or give your colleagues access.
6. AI Assistance: Benefit from our unique assembly of leading spech-to-text and translation engines, bespoke Zille algorithms and project management assistance.
7. Outsourcing Solutions: If you prefer to outsource your projects you can connect with trusted partners who will assist where needed, from translation to audio description creation.
8. In-House Solutions: Zille supports in-house accessibility efforts, enabling you to manage projects and collaborate with your team. You choose the approach that best suits your organisation.
9. Collaboration: Whether you work together in-house, with external partners, or a mix of both, Zille offers a collaborative environment that promotes efficiency.
The Zille platform project management tool

One Platform, Endless Possibilities:

At Zille, we've designed our platform to meet you where you are, regardless of whether you're a content creator, broadcaster, distributor, or an organisation dedicated to universal accessibility. Everything is available in one place, eliminating the need to piece together a custom solution. We believe in simplicity, offering straightforward access to the tools you need to create accessible and localised content.

In today's media landscape inclusivity is paramount, and the Zille platform is your dedicated ally when making your stories available to a diverse and global audience. Join us and experience the future of media accessibility.
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