MGV Productions secures high-grade translated subtitles by outsourcing via Zille

MGV Productions successfully used Zille's outsourcing solutions to secure professionally translated subtitles which were made with a combination of AI technology and collaboration with talented translators.


MGV Productions needed to deliver high-grade translated subtitles in three languages together with the video they had produced for their client. Finding and liaising with the six necessary translators can be time-consuming work, and was not part of the specialist services MGVP normally deliver.


The Zille outsourcing solution proved to be an efficient and simple way forward. The process includes both project management and professional translation services. MGVP were able to see the progress of the translations along the way, and could rest assured that their files were handled safely and that the translations provided would be of the highest quality.
"I would recommend Zille Media to anyone looking for a really easy and efficient way of producing translations in multiple languages."
- Daniel Butler, Creative Director, MGV Productions
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